Saturday, September 09, 2006

Local Filmaker Screens Rough Cut on Identity

Report on a Space 7:10 event, August 18, during which we presented a rough cut of a new documentary featuring young multiracial-multicultural adults and their thoughts on identity, family, and geography.

The documentary-in-progress, titled Mergence, was presented at Space 7:10 to an audience of cafe patrons, interview participants, their spouses, partners, and friends with the film's director and producer, J. Tomiko Anders.

Anders, who is herself multiracial (and a Silver Spring resident), collected personal narratives from adults ages 20 to 40, raised throughout the United States as well as the India, United Kingdom, Tunisia. Participants to date identify at least two or more identities among Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, White, Black, German, Jewish, Guamanian, Irish, Scotch, American Indian, and Arab.

"We all grew up thinking our experiences are unique and isolated," says Anders. "Sometimes they are. But the documentary shows that there are others with
similar experiences-- however distinct, however difficult-- that can relate to one another within a larger context."

"As a resident of Silver Spring-- arguably Montgomery County's own center of diversity-- it was important for us to be here," notes Anders. "This multicultural
meeting spot invites community and discussion."

Currently available as a 37-minute unedited "rough cut", Mergence distills over 30 hours of interview footage drawn from a decade of research into issues affecting multiracial adults.

Anders is currently securing resources and assistance for additional interviews, non-interview footage, post-production work, and distribution towards a finished product over the next few months.