Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hurricane Howie Events and Reflection

Tonight: Thurs. 1/11, 9:00 pm: Solo Keyboards @ KRAMERBOOKS CAFÉ
And then: Thurs. 1/18, 9:00 pm: Solo Keyboards @ KRAMERBOOKS CAFÉ

From "Mardi Gras Year Round" Howie Feinstein's year end-beginning letter:

Each year at this time, I like to take stock of how things are going in this rather crazy music business, and pay my respects to all of you, whom I am so dependent on in my quest to make a go of it... The local music community, and many friends and fans, came through very generously with donations of time and funds to aid those victimized by two devastating Louisiana hurricanes and neglected by government. My trip to Louisiana shortly afterward confirmed how desperately your help was needed...

Locally, it continues to be a tough time for live music...I am personally quite fortunate in this regard, because I play solo instruments, and have scrambled to add alternative outlets in place of the old club circuit...On the business side, much appreciation to friends like Dave Eisner (House of Musical Traditions), Amy Kincaid (Kefa Café),everyone at Kramerbooks and Afterwords, the various Sala Thai locations, and others who have supported live music and treated musicians fairly (believe me, the latter is not always the case!)...

I’m continuing to pound the keys and squeeze the accordion as much as possible. Most of my recent gigs have been solo, but I look forward to playing as much as I can this year with my richly-talented musical and personal friends, Rita and Richard Clarke. Rita is unmatched as a singer, stage performer, and song-writer, and Richard, veteran of tours with Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and many more, is a truly nonpareil drummer. The new solo album I aimed for in 2006 has been delayed, but I guarantee it will be out this year, featuring some of the area’s top musical talent.

A great deal of my creative energy has gone into the completion of my civil rights history/memoir, focusing on some of my more colorful cases from back in the day (featuring Ku Klux Klan prosecutions). The prologue and epilogue concern the true story of a local woman whose parents were murdered in a Klan bombing in 1951, and her 55-year effort to achieve justice. That remarkable tale is the subject of a screenplay I am working on as well. My artistic plate is indeed full for 2007!!

Thanks again; your suggestions are most welcome! Keep on fighting for peace, justice and freedom,
Best wishes, Howie

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