Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IMPACT Silver Spring Gives Kefa Cafe and Space 7:10 Community Award

As reported in the Silver Spring Penguin:

"A schoolmaster, a PTA mom, a pair of artists and two coffee-brewing sisters received kudos from the community at Thursday night’s Impact Awards ceremony.

"More than 200 people streamed through a crowded NOAA exhibit hall on East-West Highway to recognize the civic contributions of Richard Crump (above), Emie Mercier Cadet, artists Tom Block and Amy Kincaid, and sisters Lene and Abeba Tsegaye. Each received an award from Impact Silver Spring, a civic organization..."

In this picture (taken by painter Nihal Kececi), Abeba is thanking the artists who have presented work, the people who invite the artists and presenters, and all the customers who have come to experience the art, performance, and salon talks. I am up next to speak, looking over her shoulder at her speaking notes and realizing she's saying everything I had planned to say. —Amy