Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What is 7:10, anyway?

The name of our gallery space didn't come from the size of the room 7x10. I'm not at all sure the room is, in fact, that large! The name didn't come from the time 7:10...or not exactly.

Tom Block, whose idea it was to create the alternative art space within Lene and Abeba Tsegay's friendly cafe, noticed something odd about the Ethiopian clock hanging on the wall. Although it works, in the sense that the long wooden arm ticks, the time never changes. The time is always set at 7:10.

On Friday evenings, when we showcase artists, writers, performers, and activists, we have stumbled into a pattern of beginning the show right about 7:10pm. We like for folks to come before that to meet, greet, and eat.