Monday, February 04, 2008

Bobbi Kittner

Bobbi Kittner
Exhibit through March 1, 2008
Space 7:10 at Kefa Cafe
Silver Spring, MD
Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 2008
6:30pm to 8:3opm

Assemblage and Paintings: Plaster, Paint, and Playskool Blocks

Artist Statement
Creating art has become my dialogue with the uncertainty of what it is to be human, a mother, and a woman. I used to be an avid journaller, writing in the wee hours of the morning about nothing, something or everything. I still journal but wood, plaster and canvas have become my paper, with color and form becoming my words. Although I’ve been painting for years, I still hesitate when referring to myself as an artist. I feel I’m more of an explorer uncovering what lies beneath the surface, or even a pathfinder wondering through the chaos of the everyday.
An idea can be sparked by music, conversations, a look, a photo or even a single word. What is most central to my art comes to me in silence, a special time in between all the madness of have-to’s and could have’s. When I start a piece, I’m very deliberate but this soon gives way to the piece itself. Sometimes I’m flabbergasted and other times awed that these things I create have a life all their own. For instance, with the playskool blocks I was immediately smitten with the chunkiness of the older ones and the sound they made. My art pieces emerged from this love of banging these blocks together with my kids and the song they sang to me. I believe that within everything there is a will and a yearning to be shaped and listened to. My art informs me, rather than me dictating what I want it to be. I’ve learned to really hear and let the elements, colors and images present themselves without question. I’m constantly reminded that the jokes on me. Although it is my hand that plays the instrument, the art is the musician.

Bobbi Kittner has always been a tinkerer with the various bits and bobs she comes across. Coming from a large family, there was a large assortment of “junk” available to make her doll houses and other family gifts with. Her older sister was the artist of the family, so Bobbi was slated to be the singer. But after taking voice lessons from an opera singer for several years, Bobbi found the high notes gave her headaches and quickly decided she’d rather be a journalist. Originally from Kansas, she moved to the Washington, DC area because of a man and a job in journalism. Shortly thereafter, she left both of them. She didn’t go back to her “tinkering” until after she had fallen in love for good. A full-time mom and graphic designer, Bobbi usually does art when the nightlights go on. Inspired by her collage class which introduced her to the world of assemblage and manipulation of elements, Bobbi has recently started showing her work in solo and group shows in the DC area. Bobbi lives in Takoma Park with her husband, and two young children.