Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Children's Book Author Robert Brooks

April 25, 2008, 7:10 to 8:30pm
BOOK SIGNING. Sonrieta by Robert Brooks with illustrations by Helle Urban
Anyone who appreciates the arts will be inspired by this charming book. Sonrieta demonstrates the power of positive attitude and friendship. The author's pacing and intriguing plot will keep readers spellbound until the end. Highly recommended (ages 6 & up)
Cathy Kiefer / Librarian, Washington, DC

The story is wonderful for teaching tolerance and many of the literary elements. It is filled with beautiful descriptions and rich vocabulary.
Malissia Turner / Children’s Librarian Virginia

I found this a very charming tale about the importance of being true to one’s feelings, discovering individual talents and that every now and then it is important to question why things are they way they are in a community. This story is told in a gentle manner and is recommended as a book for parents to read along with beginning readers or as light reading for the more advanced young reader.
Mark G. Ames / Librarian, Maryland