Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brain Cancer Collectibles and Art Exhibit

Cranial Vault
Part curiosity shop, part medical illustration, and part memoir, an experiential travelogue of a trip, nine years and continuing.

November through December at the Takoma Park Municipal Building, 3rd Floor Gallery, 7500 Maple Avenue
Open M-F during office hours

Reception: Nov. 14, 7 to 9pm

Designed and Curated by Tom Roberts and Amy Kincaid
Participating artists include Peter Krsko, Jennifer Galanis, Dilip Sheth, Kyi May Kaung, Alice Sims, Alvin Lewis Thomas, Bobbi Kittner, Michael Smith-Welch, Patti Mallin, Gen Chase, Jon Matis, Camden Roberts, Emily Deisroth, Norman Mallard, Naomi Barr, Kanchan Balse, and you when you make a DIY phrenology head.
Altered medical teaching skull
Mixed media
Norman Mallard