Friday, April 10, 2009

Patricia Zannie at Foundry in May

At FOUNDRY GALLERY: Mother Nature and Friends
Space 7:10 artist and Foundry Gallery member Patricia Zannie

Zannie's award winning collages focus on whimsical and provocative images
exploring humanity as a part of nature. Using snipits of papers from around
the world as well as images from contemporary magazines, Patricia's collages range
from modern representation to playful hints of the surreal. Patricia has been
an instructor at the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College for 11 years.
Her collages are in commercial, academic and private collections throughout
the East Coast and in Japan.

April 29,2009 through May 31, 2009
Opening reception: May 1st, 6pm to 8pm at THE FOUNDRY GALLERY
1314 18 Street, NW, Washington, DC
Gallery hours are Wed.-Sun., 12:00-6:00