Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Studio Insight Exhibits Outsider Artists at Space 7:10

Studio In-Sight
Exhibit by clients of St. Luke's House
October 5 through November 7
Extended two weeks through November 22!
Reception: Friday, October 16, 2009 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Artistic Statement
Artistic vision comes from many points of view. Everyone needs a place to create. Established in 2006, Studio In-Sight aims to bring space and inspiration to artists who may be outside the mainstream. Artists of the Studio In-Sight are clients at St. Luke’s House, a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in Montgomery County Maryland that serves those living with a chronic and persistent mental illness. The studio is a part of the Life Skills Program whose mission is to guide, train, and empower the clients in a social and supportive atmosphere.

The studio is dedicated to artists who want to work as artists. Here artists come together to work, explore and discover their creativity. Every artist needs a window, a viewing. The studio works to provide every opportunity for art to be seen by the public and purchased.


Lynn said...

Hi Amy-
My daughter used to work at St. Luke's and took me to Kefa to see the exhibit. Very nice stuff and I fell in love with Kefa and the sisters running it. And the Space 7:10. It would be my dream to have my friend Mark Hornbuckle's work exhibited there. His work is truly extraordinary. Please see for yourself at http://gallery.me.com/markhornbuckle#100800 If allowed to exhibit at Kefa, we would be happy to donate a percentage of any profits to a cause or charity of your choosing. Thanks for your consideration. -Lynn-

Amy Kincaid said...

Lynn, email here: e-mail: space710.kefacafe@gmail.com