Saturday, March 20, 2010

Human Rights Arts Festival

April 6 through April 30, 2010
Jeremy Austin, Kyi May Kaung, Anne Marchand
Amnesty International USA/The Human Rights Arts Festival
Tom Block, guest curator

Reception: Saturday, April 24, 6pm to 8pm

Jeremy Austin (Kefa Café)

A mixed media collage work with seven strips that represent the seven Baha'is who are currently imprisoned in Iran, due to their faith. A Baha'i prayer for aid and assistance overlays and unites the collage. From a distance it appears as a solid white painting, but as you get closer the details emerge.

Kyi May Kaung (Kefa Café)

Dr. Kaung, a graduate in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, is currently a member of the TAN or Technical Advisory Network of the Exile Government of Burma. She is also a well-known poet and painter. She is sharing a portrait of the Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Anne Marchand (Kefa Café)

The paintings refer to the energy of the cosmos to create and to destroy. We as human beings have a reflective ability to direct our energies, the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm and vice versa. In our ability to discern we will make the right choices. The work is created in conjunction with Project RENEW, the first comprehensive management approach undertaken in Vietnam to restore the environment and neutralizethe effects of war.

Dr. Kaung's Salon: Haiti and Burma: Dictators, Disasters, and International Aid. An open community discussion facilitated by political economist and writer Dr. Kyi May Kaung: Friday, April 9, 7:10 to 8:30pm