Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Brunch Music

Special live music event, Sunday June 20 at 1pm

Our guests from New York:
New York accordion/cello/hobo drum kit trio, The Debutante Hour. Wordy originals with an old-timey bent and lots of three part harmony. keeps its musical roots in American country, blues and vaudeville while letting their lyrics run the gamut from absurd to sublime.

and Danydany, a unique duo who sing in Spanish and English and play their original music on the cuatro.

Susan Hwang and Maria Sonevytsky switch fluidly between accordion/keys and hobo drum kit while Mia Pixley holds it down on the cello as the unconventional power trio harmonizes, Andrews-Sisters-style, about planning, worldviews and works of literature, with the occasional swerve into a Carpathian mountain stomp. Their debut album, The Birth and Death of Meaning, was released in March of this year. It's produced by Franz Nicolay (formerly of The Hold Steady) and features great guest musicians including Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls and Ed Pastorini of 101 Crustaceans. They've toured several times in Europe and once in Asia in addition to regular shows at home in Brooklyn and Manhattan. They just completed their first West Coast U.S. tour this spring. 2 out of 3 members of The Debutante Hour have roots in the D.C. area. Susan Hwang grew up in Rockville, MD and "our" Howard Feinstein was her first blues piano teacher.

Danydany is Dan Gower and Dany Naierman playing their originals songs in English and Spanish, accompanying themselves on the cuatro. Their influences range from Silvio Rodriguez to the Indigo Girls to Lucinda Williams. They've been captivating audiences in Brooklyn and Manhattan since they formed in October of 2009.