Sunday, August 28, 2011

September 2011 Exhibit at Kefa Cafe


Sept. 6 through Oct. 1, 2011

Photographs of the American Vernacular

D. B. (Dave) Stovall

My earliest attempts at photography as a youngster gravitated towards the everyday: random storefronts and taverns, gas stations and garages. As my skills improved in my adolescence, my vision wandered into a combination of non-cohesive pictorialist and surrealist regions that in the end had no appeal. My education exposed me to the works of Atget, Evans, and others and quickly steered me back to where I began. When I mastered the view camera at age 19 I found the almost perfect tool to complement the directness of my early images, and returned to a realism-based vision.

Since that time I have prodigiously worked at documenting what I term the American

Vernacular: things that seem mundane or commonplace to others yet define our existence. Large format view cameras with color transparency medium are utilized, both for total image control and because they facilitate a kind of slower way of seeing that is a hallmark of my work.

More about D. B. Stovall and his work from an exhibit at Artisphere last month.

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