Thursday, June 20, 2013

Later Today! Craft Bomb Party on Bonifant St.

From our friends at Fenton Street Market:

We are so excited for our Etsy Craft Party at Kefa Cafe!

Have you met Etsy? Etsy is the largest online handmade and vintage marketplace, but it is much more than a marketplace – it is a community, much like Fenton Street Market, and you can find shops for a lot of our vendors on Etsy. We even have a Fenton Street Market Etsy Team where you can find all our vendor Etsy shops in one place.
Every year, Etsy has a global craft party. All over the world, groups of Etsy sellers and craft enthusiasts come together to make and craft. This year’s craft party theme is “Craft for Community.” We really wanted to host an Etsy party this year, and we couldn’t think of a better activity than to craft in the name of Bonifant Street where many of our local small Silver Spring businesses (just like us) call home.
For the party, we will “craft bomb” Bonifant Street in between Fenton Street and Georgia Avenue to highlight these small businesses. A team of FSM vendors will also work to create three crafty window displays along Bonifant Street for the occasion.
What is “craft bombing,” you may ask? It is a craft explosion in a public place to lift up the community and in our case, stimulate more economic growth for our neighborhood small businesses. It is similar to “yarn bombing” – find examples here and here. But we will craft bomb together, as a party and it’ll be lots of fun! Be sure to RSVP today!