Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Info for Artists

Visual Artist Exhibits
So, you’d like to exhibit work at this super-loved local coffee shop with painted yellow walls and a warm community vibe?

Here are the preliminary basics:
Kefa Cafe provides a venue for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. In addition, the space can be turned into an intimate performance space. We generally show the work of one artist each month in the secondary room, which we call “Space710.” A few times a year, we host group artwork made by clients or students nonprofit organizations and schools. We are seeking to present a mix of work by emerging, established, and outsider artmakers to represent the breadth of creative expression in our community.

Requests are reviewed and selected by the coordinator. We have a strong preference for artists who live, work, or has activity in the Silver Spring regional area. We especially like artists connected to Kefa Café and Bonifant St.

How to apply
Contact the Arts Coordinator, space710.kefacafe at gmail Send a brief note introducing yourself, your work, your exhibit proposal/theme, and your connection to the area. Include a website link or a jpg image representative of your work, and contact info. Receptions are a Friday evening during the show. We encourage you to propose, organize, and host one cultural or artistic event on another Friday evening during the period of your show. Not required but welcome. Events must be approved and scheduled in advance.

Exhibits are often booked six months to a year out. A volunteer  coordinates the exhibit schedule, and I tend to work on Space710 in waves, so please be patient and gently persistent.

Liability and Damages
Neither Kefa Cafe nor the Arts Coordinator are responsible for any damage to the artwork while it is on the premises, and neither the cafe nor I carry any insurance for the exhibition. We have had minimal problems in all the years (one journal/art book disappeared). You install at your own risk.

The owners and coordinator reserve the right to cancel or reschedule shows, and even to reject specific pieces or shows at any time and for any reason. Not that we normally do this! If you can recommend other artists whose work might be just right for our space, please let me know.

This is primarily your responsibility. We recommend you list the exhibit on arts and event calendars (such as Pink Line Project, Silver Spring Regional Center, City Paper) and sending announcements to local media 2-3 weeks in advance (neighborhood blogs, Arts Beat, Gazette, Voice, etc). You are welcome and encouraged to make a small poster (8.5”x11”) for the door.

We expect you will bring friends, family, colleagues to see your work a reception and during café hours throughout the show.

The coordinator will post exhibit info on the blog, Tweet, and can send an email to our list. You will need to send a short write-up about you and your art and one jpg.

Sale of Artwork
* You set your prices. Work that sells here tends to be in the $50 -$600 range. There is no commission charged by Kefa Café or the coordinator at this time. All work must stay on the wall until the exhibition is over unless a suitable replacement can be put in place.
* Patrons should contact you directly regarding sales, so be sure to include your contact information in the bio that you post in the café.

With the coordinator, exhibiting artists choose a Friday evening for a reception, 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Café owners will rearrange the room and provide thermoses of coffee and pastry trays. You don’t need to bring anything, but you may (guest book, flowers, bin work and greeting cards...).

We love, love, love related cultural or conversation events associated with exhibits. Please consider organizing an event for another Friday evening or Sunday (not last Sundays of the month) during your show. Past events include modern dance, poetry, improvisational/experimental music, play readings, book talks, current event and history discussions. It’s also very welcome to have you come and sketch during the day—Artist in Residence. Ideas?? 

About Kefa Cafe
Kefa Café, 963 Bonifant, Street Silver Spring, MD 20910-4515 (near the corner of Georgia Ave., in downtown Silver Spring). Serving coffee, gelato, quiche, soup, sandwiches, pastries. 301.589.9337
Mon-Thu: 7am-6pm Fri: 7am-9pm

Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: 8 - 3 (?), but closed the last Sunday of every month.