Saturday, October 17, 2015

How did the #SSPaintOut go?

The #SSPaintOut went swimmingly!

By Meagan Healy

We gathered at the Main Tent at Fenton Street Market. I got there a little before 10am to take a few pictures for @Space710 (on Twitter). One of our participants came a little early, too.

The rest of the creatives rolled in exactly on time.

"Paint or craft or 'whatever' around in downtown Silver Spring, starting now," I said, pointing to the clock on the newly re-named Ellsworth Place, "and come right back here at 1pm for a little show-and-share".

The #SSPaintOut participants would have the full three hours to make what they liked. Having dispensed those lengthy and complicated instructions, we were off!

I happened to know that at the exact same time as the #SSPaintOut, the Kefa Cafe Hub in the new Library was throwing a thank-you party for those who had helped with the fundraising for THAT hub.

Amy Kincaid, the person who curated Space710's art shows since it began, spoke a few words, thanking those in attendance on behalf of Kefa Cafe.

Another gentleman was moved to read a poem.

The County Executive, Isaiah Leggett, spoke about community.

And then there was cake.

I stayed for a bit and then returned to the #SSPaintOut:

At first, three hours seemed like a really long time, but the time flew by. But the participants and I agreed that there are still many wonderful things in Silver Spring that we could paint. We may do this again!

Happily, one of our participants wanted to submit a piece that she created to the Space 710 Silver Spring Pop Up Art Show (Fenton Street Market - Saturday, October 24th). That was one of the two primary purposes of this Paint Out, so I count this as a success!

Hopefully everyone had fun - Enjoy some of the participants' work below:

Christy Batta, watercolor

Christy Batta, pen and ink

Carla, acrylics

Lisa Willis, multi-media (recycled magazines, acrylics)

Meagan Healy, watercolor

Meagan Healy, pen and ink

Meagan Healy, watercolor