Thursday, October 19, 2006

Traditional Folk Ballad Sing

Friday, October 27, 6:30-8:00 PM
Dr. Kaung's Salon and the Folklore Society of Greater Washington present a Traditional a Capella Ballad Sing hosted by singer and folklorist Lisa Null.

Lisa has performed in festivals and concerts throughout North America and Great Britain including Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion. Of all the songs she sings, none are more precious to her than the old story songs passed on for centuries through oral tradition. She will be singing some of her favorites, mostly old but also a few newer ones created in the old style. Come to listen, to sing on refrains, or to share a few of your favorites. Because of Halloween, ghostly ballads are particularly welcome. Admission is free.


kyi may kaung said...

Lisa Null's Ballad Sing at Kefa Cafe a Great Success!

Although a damp and rainy evening, Kefa Cafe was PACKED with folk singers, professional folklorists and just singers. :)

There was hardly time for a Q and A because -- as Lisa Null, Silver Spring resident who planned and hosted the show said, "Everyone wants to sing, not talk."

Thank you Lisa, Amy, Tom, Lene and Ababe and everyone who worked many months to make this a success.

It just shows the great power of music. Lisa Null sang many songs in a deep rich voice, as did several guest singers.

My favorite was a traditional ballad with the refrain "Don't go down to the broom again." I understand "broom" is a small yellow flowered plant. The ballad is about incest -- the princess in the ballad is pregnant by her brother!

Kyi May Kaung

Lisa Null said...

Thanks so much for everbody's work and support of this. I wanted so much to demonstrate to myself, my neighbors (there were many), and theFolklore Society of Greater Washington (www, that there is an audience for ballads, that they do not have to be boring, and that they can be participatory!