Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Preview of 2008 Exhibits

** Check more recent posts for updated schedule **

January 2008
Outsider Art by the Clients of Community Vision, featuring sculptures by Alvin Lewis Thomas. Art for the People

February 2008
Mixed media, Bobbi Kittner

March 2008
Abstract paintings, Elsa Gebreyesus

April 2008
Photos, ellen x silverberg

May 2008
Photos/Assemblage, Daniel Reyes

June 2008
Founder’s Show, guest curator Tom Block

July 2008
Outsider art, Art Enables: coffeehouse theme

August 2008

September 2008
Paintings, Joanna Axtmann

October –November 2008
Graphic novel illustrations and drawings, Sarah Palaszynski

November-December (January) 2008
1968 by Sharon Burton