Sunday, December 23, 2007

Coming Up at Kefa Cafe's Space 7:10

***Note: Get the book now for open book discussion mid-January.***

EXHIBIT. Jan 8 through Feb 1
Outsider Art by the Clients of Community Vision, featuring sculptures by Alvin Lewis Thomas. Art for the People

DISCUSSION. Friday, Jan. 11, 7:10pm to 8:30pm
Dr. Kaung’s Salon: Burma: After the Saffron Revolution

***BOOK CLUB. Friday, Jan. 18, 7:10pm to 8:30pm*** Bijan Bayne’s Book Shelf. Shooting Water, A Memoir of Second Chances, Family, and Filmmaking by Devyani Saltzman

DISCUSSION. Friday, Jan. 25, 7:10pm to 8:30pm
Dr. Kaung’s Salon: Pakistan -- Military Rule and Democracy

ART RECEPTION. Friday, Feb. 1, 7:10pm to 8:30pm
Meet the artists, teachers, and students of Art for the People.

EXHIBIT. February 5 through March 8
Paintings and mixed media artwork by Bobbi Kittner

ART RECEPTION. Friday, February 8, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Opening Reception for Bobbi Kittner


Anonymous said...

What is the book for "Burma, after the Saffron Revolution"?

Pat McNees

Amy Kincaid said...

As I understand it, no particular book. I think Kyi wants to have a relatively informal talk about the issues. She has been following the situation pretty closely. Commenting and writing on the topic. If you check her blog (see link in the list at left), there should be lots of links.

Back in October, when we set the date, Dr. Kaung suggested this website for background

This morning, I "googled" for Burma news and found good info for background.