Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Buffalo Soldier Autobiographer at Kefa Cafe

From left to right: Lene Tsegaye, Dorothy Daugherty, Abeba Tsegaye, James Harden Daugherty. The photo was taken after an evening discussion event on June 19, 2009 (Juneteenth) at Space 7:10, with James H. Daugherty, longtime Silver Spring resident and author of The Buffalo Saga.
A longtime Silver Spring resident, was the first African American to serve on the Montgomery County School Board, and later served for many years in a governor-appointed position at the Maryland School for the Deaf. He retired from an administrative position in the United States Public Health Service.

In WWII He served our country as a soldier in the army's 92nd Infantry Division in the European theater and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement and a Combat Infantryman Badge for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy.
Those soldiers were known as the Buffalo Soldiers in a unit made up of African Americans. He wrote the book in 1947 after he returned from the war. He was about 23 then. He was 19 when he was drafted and assigned to the 92nd Infantry all black Buffalo Soldiers unit.