Info For Artists

Artist Exhibits

So, you’d like to exhibit work at this super-loved local coffee shop with yellow walls and a warm community vibe?

Here are the basics:

Via Space 710, Kefa Cafe provides a venue for local artists to exhibit and sell their work. In addition, the space can be turned into an intimate performance space. We generally show the work of one artist each month and a few times a year, we may consider host group shows. Receptions are generally held on a Friday evening during the show. 

Please join our email list to stay in the know!

We have a strong preference for artists who live, work, or has activity in the Silver Spring regional area, but welcome artists across the DMV. Exhibitions are booked in advance for approximately two-month slots.

How to apply

Please email Gallery Manager Margot H.G. Manburg and Managing Director Edgar M. Gonzalez at space710.kefacafe at gmail dot com with the following information:

1. Who you are
2. What artwork you would like to show
3. Why Space 710 and your artwork are a good fit
4. A few images of your work and/or a website link
5. When you are available to exhibit

Liability and Damages

Neither Kefa Café nor the Arts Coordinators are responsible for any damage to the artwork while it is on the premises, and neither the cafe nor coordinators carry any insurance for the exhibition. We have had minimal problems in all the years (one journal/art book disappeared), but you install at your own risk.

The owners and coordinator reserve the right to cancel or reschedule shows, and even to reject specific pieces or shows at any time and for any reason. Not that we normally do this! 

Hanging and Publicity
This is the artists' responsibility. We recommend you list the exhibit on arts and event calendars (such as Pink Line Project, Silver Spring Regional Center, City Paper). You are welcome and encouraged to make a small sign for Kefa Café's front door. We expect you will bring friends, family, colleagues to see your work during the reception and throughout the show.

We will send an email to our list and post occasionally on social media. You will need to send us a short write-up about you and your art.

Sale of Artwork

* You set your prices. Work that sells here tends to be in the $25 -$600 range. 
* All work must stay on the wall until the exhibition is over unless a suitable replacement can be put in place.
* Patrons should contact you directly regarding sales, so be sure to include your contact information next to all artwork.


Receptions are held the first Friday evening of each month; Kefa Café will stay open late that night to host the event. The exhibiting artist will provide Kefa Cafe with $25 for the Reception, as part of the exhibit. You don’t need to bring anything additional, but you may (such as a guest book, flowers, postcards, etc.). We expect you will invite friends and family!

About Kefa Cafe
Kefa Café, 963 Bonifant, Street Silver Spring, MD 20910-4515 (near the corner of Georgia Ave., in downtown Silver Spring). Serving coffee, gelato, quiche, soup, sandwiches, pastries. 301.589.9337

Visit Kefa Cafe's kiosk in the Silver Spring Library, first floor!

Hours (for Bonifant Location only): 

Monday - Friday 7:30am-4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-3:00pm