Current Exhibit - What's On Display

Space 710 - Now On Display
June 8, 2019 – August 31, 2019
Photography by Keith Kozloff

My goal is that photographs and blogs (on both photography and other topics) will challenge how I/we see the world. I use the metaphor of physical vision to call attention to what happens at the margins.

For each exhibit, I generally select a limited number of images out of a larger body of work on the same theme. My goal is that each image strengthens and contributes to the overall narrative.

My early development as a photographer is testimony to the influence of encouraging teachers.  I was privileged to attend a high school that not only offered photography, but also had teachers who made their living from photography as an art form.  After my 20s, however, I no longer had access to a darkroom.  Though I continued to photograph, the absence of creative control over the final print made my photography less intentional.  With the advent of high quality digital cameras and photographic software, I regained some control (though I sometimes struggle to keep up with advances in digital technology).  When I left the 9-to-5 work world in 2014, I regained my passion for photography.